Olivia is a recent Michigan State University Film Studies graduate. Her concentration is in writing, filmmaking and media production, with minors in Documentary Production and Graphic Design. Olivia currently maintains her responsibilities as an entrepreneur with her photography business, Olivia York Photography. Beyond her photography, Olivia has worked on pre-production work for short and feature films, which have inspired her to create her own screenplays and short films. She also loves writing as a film critic for agnès films, an online publication devoted to supporting women and feminist filmmakers. She thoroughly enjoys her freelance work as a writer for MOCEAN, an entertainment marketing company housed in Los Angeles, California, where she writes original copy, concept material and A/V scripts for trailers of studio films and original streaming and network series. Her first short documentary Connecting Kin has recently been completed and is in the early stages of its distribution within the festival circuit. She is eager to grow within the media production/entertainment industry, where she hopes to create personal stories for worldwide audiences.

Aside from her various forms of work, Olivia enjoys running at an extremely slow pace, drinking hot cups of coffee (that mainly consist of French Vanilla creamer), listening to John Mayer on repeat, watching late night talk shows, and falling head over heels in love with every dog she meets. 

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